“No Rules” by Detroit YB’s Lesson to Hustlers On How to Survive

“No Rules” is the latest single from Detroit’s own Detroit YB. Featuring heavy lyricism and an aggressive flow that Detroit is known for, Detroit YB shows his originality and power as an artist with “No Rules” The track is catchy, atmospheric and has a heavy bass line that gives it a bounce. Complemented perfectly by Detroit YB’s flow, “No Rules” gives listeners variety and an addictive single that they will want to listen to on repeat.

Detroit YB infused conscious lyrics into his bars in an effort to educate listeners on how to navigate life and find truth within the lies we are presented with on a daily basis. Detroit YB discusses his intuition within the lyrics and how he uses it to break the rules and make his own everyday of his life.

Detroit YB is a Detroit artist who currently resides in Atlanta. His latest single “No Rules” showcases his Detroit roots and lyrical skill. “No Rules” discusses life, being yourself and using your intuition. Detroit YB is able to paint a picture of the mentality needed to overcome life’s daily struggles. The beat has a heavy bass line and is coupled with a melody of strings giving an eerie atmospheric sound. This put the listener in the mindstate of overcoming struggle.

“No Rules” gives listeners a look inside of the mind and heart of Detroit YB and a guide on how to combat their own struggles and keep progressing towards their goals. Detroit YB is a unique artist that has a sound all his own with Detroit signature sound and style. 

Stream “No Rules” below:

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