Kay Rhoma’s “Came Up” Is a Hit With a Positive Message

Kay Rhoma’s “Came Up” has a positive message and a sound all its own. Kay Rhoma is a Nigerian Born, Detroit-raised, and currently resides in Houston, Texas. He is a lyricist who stays away from outside influence and focuses on developing his own unique sound. “Came Up” is a track with Detriot influence that is clear from the bouncing sound of the flow over the track. Listening to “Came Up” will give you energy and change your mood to upbeat instantly.

The “Came Up” video is on the rise with over 30,000 views. His other video “Prayer” is also a rising hit with over 100,000 views. His videos easily get the attention of the viewers and the music makes them stay and become fans. Kay Rhoma has consistently produced enjoyable videos and unique songs. “Came Up” is an addictive song with a motivating message. We are excited to see what heat Kay Rhoma has for us next!

Watch “Came Up” Below:

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