“Good Things Take Time” is a Cross Over Triumph by Project G

“Good Things Take Time” is a melodic cross over track that is a different sound for Project G. Project G is pushing himself as an artist by demonstrating his ability to embody different styles and sounds. “Good Things Take Time” has a healing energy to it and talks about something everyone understands: overcoming the struggle of life. Project G is able to capture his optimistic perspective on life and show his songwriting ability. He creates a catchy hook that is easy to single along with and inspiring for listeners going through pain.

“Good Things Take Time” is a song that appeals to multiple audiences. Melodic rap that showcases the artist’s emotions is a common trend in hip-hop and Project G has captured this sound in this record. Project G continues to develop his sound as an artist and we can’t see what he created next!

Stream “Good Things Take Time” below:

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