Billy GreenLite’s “Lose Em” is a Smooth Summer Banger

“Lose Em” is the latest single from Billy GreenLite. The smooth melody utilizes calming instrumentals with a catchy snare, giving the track perfect balance. The lyrics tell a story while still being catchy and memorable. The strings within the beat combined with the soulful sample used throughout the track makes the song addictive to listen to. Billy GreenLite shows his confidence and intelligence within the lyrics of the song. He covers a wide range of topics from loyalty, to dealing with women and persevering while rising above circumstances.

“Lose Em” is the perfect song for the approaching summer season. It’s vibe is triumphant, smooth and has a unique sound that shows Billy GreenLite is in his own league as a lyricist and an artist.

Watch “Lose Em” Below:

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