Kyrie Irving to Miss More Games With Nets, Under Investigation

Brooklyn’s $140Million dollar man is becoming quite the centerpiece of controversy.

Kyrie Irving has been the weight of controversy since the beginning of the season, starting with his stance on interaction with the media, and now with missing games and potentially not following the NBA’s league protocol in regards to the COVID-19 virus.

The Brooklyn Nets star Point Guard has missed the last four games citing “personal reasons” for his absence. In the midst of that, footage got out of Kyrie attending a rather large birthday gathering while not wearing a mask, in direct violation of the league’s new protocols. The NBA is currently investigating the extent of the violation.

Additionally, Kyrie was captured in a Zoom call participating in a launch party for Manhattan District Attorney candidate Tahanie Aboushi. The call started just 30 minutes before the Nets took on the Nuggets for Tuesday night’s game.

The Brooklyn Nets stated they are aware of the situation and are working closely with the NBA league office to weigh the level of compliance of the situation in the NBA’s protocols.

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