6LACK Responds To LeBron James Questionable Recital of His Lyrics

Don’t mind LeBron James, he’s just vibin’.

LeBron James has never been shy about his love for Hip Hop and the latest and greatest songs. The Lakers star and NBA Legend will occasionally post a video of himself in the gym, on his yard, or in his home rapping and singing along to a hot new song.

Recently, a twitter user pointed out that LeBron James in fact mumbles his way through the lyrics, clearly not knowing the actual lyrics to some of the songs he’s vibing out to.

6LACK responded to the post, saying LeBron’s confidence in his sing-a-long made him jokingly question if those were in fact the lyrics to his song.

It’s a sure thing to believe that LeBron will continue to vibe out to his favorite songs, whether he knows the lyrics or not.

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