YFN Lucci Wanted by Atlanta PD for Murder

YFN Lucci is facing big trouble.

News has broken that YFN Lucci is wanted and facing multiple charges by Atlanta’s police department, including a felony murder charge in the case of James Adams. It was reported that Adams was shot in the head and succumbed to his wounds at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital on December 10, 2020.

An additional shooting took place later that night where a 32 year old man by the name of Kevin Wright was shot. He was able to sustain his gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement have since connected the dots and connected the two shootings, citing they were related incidents. Atlanta PD have arrested two suspects in the shooting and are vigorously searching for YFN Lucci. Details of Lucci’s involvement in the shooting remain fluid and the rapper’s team has yet to comment.

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