Exotic Mob Music and Sick Wid’ It Records Turn Up Rosarito Beach

International Mobbin’.

Exotic Mob Music took it’s International Mob Tour to Rosarito Beach in Mexico where Mobbin101 and Outer Stace kept the crowd live with a set of their latest tracks, including How We Ride, Circles, Smoove, W.H.O., and 2pm In Tulum.

Additional performances included Thug Misses, Cousin Fik, Don Elway, Hitta Slim, Ally Cocaine and more.

Exotic Mob Music will continue it’s tour with the next stop being north of the border in Windsor, Canada. Then the tour comes back to California to hit Adelanto, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento in which DJ Pareece will be DJing.

Be sure to lock in with Exotic Mob Music, Mobbin101 and tune in to their tracks on the latest Hip Hop TXL mixtapes.

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