Quanner Tells His Story on “Price of Peace”

Quanner’s latest project Price of Peace is his demonstration to the industry that he is ready to level up. Quanner has been perfecting his craft as an independent artist and building his image, sound, and style slowly and steadily. With a mission to stand out and fill a gap that exists between rap and R&B, Quanner is talented, determined, and calculated. 

Quanner’s talent is no accident and I’m proud to say I have been able to see him grow from his first video to the potential star that creates memorable records that show listeners another side of music rather than being a clone using the same auto-tune and repetitive bars and hooks. What stands out the most about Price of Peace is the quality of each individual song. The intro gives an old-school vibe and sets the listener up fo Quanner’s unique combination of genres. Marksmen is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has a laid-back style to it and it gives the feel of a Lil Baby track combining aggression with a smooth beat showing some Atlanta influence. As the album continues “Saratoga Blues” is another favorite. Quanner switches up pitches and sounds like a different artist. He features T-Loc on this record and it creates a perfect balance between gritty and smooth successfully combining R&B elements with real hip hop, lyricism, and musicality. 

Jail Call is the next track on the project. It is similar to the style of early 2000s artist Lyfe Jennings and features KPM Parley. It is smooth and as an acoustic feel to it. It also has a simple beat to mimic the table beats created by artists who are incarcerated. This record is the perfect length and makes you want to play it back multiple times. This is my pick for the Tik-Tok viral record out of the project.

The project comes to a head with the last track “Skinny Tookie Freestyle”. The record is Quanner showing his skills as a traditional rap artist with bars that paint images and stories for the listener. Quanner’s power lies in his versatility and his ability to bring back old-school elements without sounding dated. He has a fresh take on music and is definitely an artist to look out for in the next coming year.

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