Tyrhee Spivey Moves from Influencer to Artist with “WhoaR-bile”

Tyrhee Spivey represents the new wave of up-and-coming artists who are leveraging their social media following into a successful career in music. He started off mainly on YouTube where he has 300,000 subscribers and Instagram where he has 180,000 followers. His music is high energy, entertaining and combines the sense of humor from his skits. Tyrhee Spivey’s latest single “WhoaR-bile” featuring Bizkit is a fun and upbeat song with playful lyrics and a music video that is full of characters. The music video for “WhoaR-ible” is entertaining enough to be turned into a full length movie. It is fun to listen to and a great song to share across social media because it discusses the relatable topic of infidelity in a lighthearted and fun way. 

Tyrhee Spivey is a perfect example of a social media influencer and entertainer taking his brand to the next level by combining his influencer personality with his identity as an artist. Spivey is doing this the right way with the track “WhoaR-bile”. It showcases his fun personality and is also a great song on its own. Tyrhee Spivey has much more to come this year and we can’t wait to hear what is next for him!

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