“Levitate” By Dreamer$ Paradice Sets the Mood

“Levitate” by Dreamer$ Paradice is a laid-back and smooth track that features a variety of flows and themes. It is definitely worth repeat listens and is a song that quickly gets stuck in your head. Dreamer$ Paradice has a very unique sound that can be compared to Lil Uzi Vert and is on trend with the melodic rap trend taking over in 2021. “Levitate” puts listeners into another world and highlights the atmospheric sound that is a part of Dreamer$ Paradice.

Dreamer$ Paradice has been able to find a balance between standing out and conforming to trends. “Levitate” is catchy, easy to listen to, and is the perfect song to set the mood for summer. 

Stream Dreamer$ Paradice below:

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