Spillage Village Drops New Track

The Atlanta collective linked up to drop a fire track and music video.

In the midst of what feels like an apocalyptic year, Spillage Village members EARTHGANG, JID, Jordan Bryant, Mereba and Hollywood JB linked up to drop the track “End Of Daze.”

The track was accompanied by visuals directed by Caleb Seales and produced by OPNSZN. The video starts off with a box T.V. playing the news. It shows all of the catastrophic events that have happened in 2020 already- Breonna Taylors murder, Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, Australias Wild Fires, George Floyd’s murder, protest across the country for racial justice, and Kobe Bryants’ death- while the members are sitting on a couch, smoking, and watching what seems to feel like the “end of daze.”

Watch the full video down below.

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