ScHoolboy Q Promises A New Album in 2020

Last night ScHoolboy Q performed at the O2 Institute in Birmingham, U.K. During the show he spoke to the crowd and revealed that he plans to drop a new album this year.

Before his next song went on he told his fans, “I’m not lying to you. I swear to God. I’ma drop a whole other album this year I promise you that. I’m not lying this time. I always be lyin’. I’m the most lying-est muthafucka ever. ‘Yeah I’ll drop next month, yeah right.’ Ni**a I’m dropping an album this year I promise you that.”

Fans had to wait three years between 2016 Blank Face and 2019 CrasH Talk, but not this time around. According to the TDE rapper he’s been working on this project since he dropped CrasH Talk. He told the crowd, “I been working on this album since CrasH Talk came out. I’ve been working nonstop and Imma constantly work because I’m hungry and I love to create and every time I come out and I see my fans, it makes me appreciate this shit way more than what it is.”

Although he gave no specifics as to when the album would drop it is something to definitely look forward to this year. You know ScHoolboy Q never disappoints.

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