Affree Drops Video for ‘Fly’

Reddy Rell on the production with another banger.

Vibe out and ride out to the new song ‘pofo dating site‘ by upcoming artist dating while pregnant The track is produced by Reddy Rell.

Affree is on the rise as an independent artist from Brooklyn, New York. His unique and fluent delivery gives his music an eccentric vibe with a mainstream feel. Affree’s love for music was found at a young age, but it wasn’t until his freshman year of college that he gained a true passion to become an official artist. His career started a year later when he released his first single “How I’m Feeling” in December of 2020.

His new single ‘FLY’ recently came attached with a dope visual.

The new track is available to stream on all streaming services and is featured on Hip Hop TXL’s playlist on Spotify! Follow @Affree to lock in with him and upcoming releases.

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