“Guap” is the latest video from international up-and-coming star Zaryan Bagdady. Zaryan has consistently been able to produce high quality music along with captivating visual components. This is what makes him stand out from other artists. He is consistent, has a professional team pushing him and he has international appeal.

Zaryan Bagdady is an upcoming music artist from Brooklyn, NY with a sound that crosses borders and boundaries. Born in LA, raised in NY and having roots in Dubai led to influences of a distinct sound that establishes Zaryan Bagdady as an international artist ready to take over the game. Mixing trap/rap, hip-hop, rnb & reggaeton with worldwide influences Zaryan brings a sound unique, but perfect for New York City. Being from NY and of middle eastern descent Bagdady aims to represent and be part of a sound for millions of people like himself who live in NY but aren’t heard. “When people understand you, and see you, it builds acceptance in the larger community and a sense of belonging for so many,” and Zaryan is the example of an artist that has what it takes to bridge that. 

Watch “Guap” below!

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