Trippie Red & Young Thug “YELL OH” Music Video

Trippie Red partnered with claymation artist William Child, for his latest music video.

The video opens up with a disclaimer that reads, “The concept behind this video is to illustrate the various nightmares that result from the illicit use of drugs. The portrayal of drugs is intended to highlight the negative consequences associated with fetishizing drug addictions. We are by no means promoting the illicit use of drugs.”

The video starts of with both rappers at the strip club and follows them as they ride through hills of pills and a river of lean. During their journey they stroll past a SlattDonald’s, and a Hell gas stations that includes fuel, smoke Codeine, Hennessey and guns. Along the way they encounter 2 girls, survive a shoot-out with the cops and a nightmarish creature.

The videos attention to detail is amazing. Shout out to William Child for the sick video. Watch Trippie Red’s YELL OH music video down below.

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