The beginning of a new era.

Hip Hop TXL dominated the mixtape circuit for over ten years. Starting in 2012 with DJ Reddy Rell’s Hip Hop Early mixtape series, Hip Hop TXL became known for consistently dropping the hottest mixtapes of new music while also being a platform for artists to market and promote their songs and projects. The original Hip Hop TXL series helped carry Hip Hop fans through the 2010s with 100 mixtapes spanning from February 2013 to July 2018. And it didn’t stop there as a new series was launched in September 2018 that restarted the volumes and rebranded the series as ‘TXL’. The TXL series would span through another five years, adding an additional 60 mixtapes before concluding in the Spring of 2023. In all, Hip Hop TXL has released over 160 compilation mixtapes that have been picked up from various mixtape websites across the world accumalating streaming numbers into the millions. The series has also become a useful platform for artists to market their music to a new and wide variety of audiences from all over the world.

Hip Hop TXL remained consistent for as long as possible to how mixtapes and music is distributed. The most recent shutdowns of mixtape websites like Spinrilla and DatPiff combined with amplified copyright laws relating to record lables and commercially available music proved to show that times have changed with how music is consumed by audiences. Now artists release their singles and projects on digital streaming platforms (DSPs) and all you have to do is subscribe to one of these DSPs to listen to your favorite artist’s music. It’s easily accessible and helps support the artists directly, and users have freedom to how they want to organize their music through custom curated playlists.

Hip Hop TXL launched it’s own Spotify playlist in 2020 to run alongside the TXL mixtape series. The playlist featured some of the most popular songs from the mixtape series as well as exclusive TXL features from independent artists. With the changes that have come to the mixtape game and music industry, Hip Hop TXL has decided to release content through playlists on digital streaming platforms. This may come as a change unexpected to some, but rest assured the mixtape format you know and love will still be thriving.

What do we mean by that? Hip Hop TXL will now release mixtape themed playlist volumes of all the newest and hottest music! Hip Hop TXL’s Playlist Series will replace the TXL Mixtape series with a new volume dropping every 1-2 weeks. The songs will be curated and hosted by TXL DJs, and the best part is that artists can continue to use Hip Hop TXL’s playlists to feature and market their music. Placements still work the same, and even better for artists is that they will receive direct support from DSPs and see a boost in their streaming numbers by featuring their music on Hip Hop TXL.

Additionally, Hip Hop TXL’s original Spotify playlist will now be a ‘Staff Picks‘ list; a curation of the hottest music selected by Hip Hop TXL’s DJs. Going into a playlist format opens a new world of opportunities for Hip Hop TXL and artists; such as TXL featured artist albums/playlists, TXL regional playlists (U.K., Africa, Reggaeton + more) and TXL greatest hits playlists for artists.

As we move into this new era, we want to thank our fans and listeners for supporting, sharing and spreading the word about the #1 Mixtape series in the world. It’s been a great ten years and we ain’t stopping! The first five volumes of Hip Hop TXL’s Playlist Series are live now on Spotify, and soon will be live on Apple Music. Be sure to follow @HipHopTXL on all social platforms and save, download, repost the playlists and continue to spread the word.

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