Russ Sits Down With The Brilliant Idiots

Russ stopped by to promote his new album, SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE and discusses everything from what inspired the album, black culture, contributing to hip hop in a positive way, and more.

On January 31st Russ released his 14th studio album via Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records. The project consists of 12 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. It features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Bugus, Kiana Ledé, Benny The Butcher, Devin The Dude, and BIA.

The entire project was recorded in his studio basement at his home in Atlanta. This project is bringing Russ to the forefront and will definitely have a lot of people talking, as he showcases his multifaceted abilities as an artist.

Prior to Russ’ success he was making music in his basement. This is far beyond the days of music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tial. He used Soundcloud as a platform to share his music, build his fan base, and establish himself as an artist. For two and a half years he dropped one song a week. When he blew up and the algorithm was in his favor he had built a dense music catalogue that new listeners were able to refer back to.

When asked about the meaning of the project he says, “SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE was about resetting and reflecting because I got very stagnant and jaded to the pros and the cons.” He used his studio as a therapy session and the end product was the album.

Russ has been hustling. The numbers are there to prove it. He deserves the success he has achieved and more.

The Team at HHTXL appreciate this project. Our respect for Russ has grown after watching this interview and listening to SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE.

Watch the full interview down below and make sure to stream SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE.

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