Lupe Fiasco Responds To A Fan By Releasing A “Stan” Freestyle

Lupe acknowledged a fans Direct Message with a freestyle.

Yesterday the Chicago legend shared a fan’s DM. The fan wrote, “Damn man. We the fans made u rich and u don’t even have decency to acknowledge us, that’s so wrong man. ur doing it wrong.” Lupe captioned the post, “Acknowledgement.”

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He then proceeded by release a re-arrangement to Eminem’s song “Stan” to directly reply to the fan and dressing the idea that its the fans who’ve made him (or any artist rich).

Part of the lyrics read:

“I mean Pat, I think you gotta understand / I’m just a regular person / I’m just a man / I know you like a fan and felt / you did a lot for me / but I had something to do with writing raps / right, possibly? / I mean I did a lot to get to where I am / a lot of sacrifice to have someone like you as a fan / And this ain’t easy man/ the record labels are greazy / Even with all of that / I don’t want to downplay your role / Believe me/ I think you play an important part in the arts/ But it’s more than putting them records on them charts/ We take a lot of pain/ a lot of strain/ a lot of frustration/ If you don’t like what I do today you just replace me/ with another artist/ another rapper whose more kind/ ands the fear of loosing fans will loose our minds/ I’m talking really goin crazy/ And he last thing you wanna hear is some fan saying that you made me / You know/ Or that you pay my bill/ I mean you pay like $10 to keep it real / if you bought every album that would probably be like 50 or 60 / if you did a show, that’s another 35 / that’s less than $100, that’s not enough to keep us alive / and I don’t wanna downplay your input / or your financial transactions to get us where we are / but there’s more to our job than just pretending to be a star.”

Listen to the full freestyle below.

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