Long Live Nipsey Hussle

Yesterday Los Angeles and the entire world showed love to Nipsey Hussle.

Last year we suffered a great loss. One of the cities greatest got taken away. The Los Angeles Community, the hip-hop community, the black community, the culture lost one of its most iconic figures to date. 

Those that knew him personally felt it, those that knew him through his music felt it, and those that didn’t felt it because of the impact it had on those around them.

Nip was a father, uncle, son, brother, rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, among other things, but most importantly he was a role model to those that listened to his music and observed the way he moved. He embraced and empowered. He was what the culture and the youth desperately needed/ need. 

He didn’t move up and move out but rather built within his community. This was never before seen and he brought it to the front line. Through his music he educated and shifted the mindset of his listeners. He was changing lives.

Above all he with authentic and until the very end stayed true to himself.

I remember waking up from a nap, opening the Facebook app and seeing the news that he had been shot and killed. It was so surreal to me. I had just ran into him at Bloomingdales a few weeks ago. In fact the day prior to his death I was watching a documentary about The Marathon Clothing. I was suppose to take my little sister down to Slauson to educate her about Nipsey Hussle and what he was doing with TMC, but I had just come back from vacation and knock out only to wake up to the tragedy that he had been murdered. 

Yesterday the city remembered him. Although Nip is physically away from us he is still in spirit. He lives within all of Los Angeles natives. That marathon mentality that he instilled through his music, business ventures, spirituality, and love lives inside of all of us. 

Long Live The King. Thank you for all that you did to make this world a better place. Sending love to the Asghedom family. 

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