Hip Hop TXL met with rising rap artist Li Li Nicols to give the world an introduction to who she is and her music. Peep the interview below:

Where are you from and how was it growing up there? Upbringing? 

I am originally from New Orleans, you can say I’m a Katrina Baby. Growing up was different because before Hurricane Katrina I considered my family middle class, experienced hard times but nothing drastic. After the storm my whole world changed, I was separated from my dad and other family members for some time and relocated to Atlanta, GA. Living with my family in one room for a year is the reason I value family, because they were all I had during those critical middle-high school years. 

What first got you into music? 

I’ve always loved music! When we were kids my dad would quiz us on the greatest artists and musicians. At age 7 I begged for a keyboard wanting to be like Alicia Keys because I thought she was so beautiful, talented, and my name was also Alisha. After Katrina I dove into hip hop and poetry feeling very isolated and hip hop helped me express myself freely, unapologetically. I studied all kinds of artists and would write like crazy. 

Who and/or what inspired you to get into Hip Hop? What artists are you inspired by?

Well my top 5 has changed over the years but currently my inspirations are Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi 

How would you describe the sound of your music? 

It’s hard for me to describe my sound because there are so many different sides of Li Li. My music is based on how I feel, and lately I have been on some trap soul kind of vibes. Like RnB mixed with fun trap shit. I like to call it Trapish 

What is your creative process?

My creative process is pretty simple. Owning my own studio makes it easy to just record whenever I feel like it, but I make sure there’s liquor and good vibes around, and I have to play a biopic on the tv, not any specific one but it has to be a biopic on the screen. 

What are your views on the direction Hip Hop is going now?

Hip Hop is the new Pop in my opinion. There’s no rules, no boundaries , everything and everyone is accepted and it gets annoying at times but hey I just gotta worry about me at this point.

In five years, where do you foresee your career being? What are your goals with your music?

I spent my whole early years in the industry putting goals and pressure on myself so in these next 5 years I just want my studio to be successful, and to be able to live financially comfortably off of music. Lately I’ve tapped into stand up and have been enjoying it, so I really would like to dive into acting and comedy more.

What is a message you would give to a younger or new up and coming artist?

Just do you, stay consistent and humble because that arrogant shit really doesn’t help. Be confident, consistent and you. 

What is your favorite part of your performances and how do you keep the crowd engaged in your music?

My favorite part about performing is when the crowd is focused on you and just shocked that they’re enjoying it. Being able to capture and maintain everyone’s attention is a beautiful skill, and I do it by trying to stay animated and talking shit. 

Any new releases, projects, or shows on the way? 

Actually Yes! I recently released the single Same Bitch which features another great female rapper Lord Narf. Who I will be opening up for on the Everybody Turnt Tour (EBT Tour) which kicks off in Los Angeles on February 27, 2024 and ends in Atlanta on March 4. After the shows I plan to release a small project titled Soulless.

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