G.Carter1300 is an artist from Menlo Park California, which is a city in the Bay Area close to East Palo Alto. A representation of Exotic Mob Music, G.Carter has been featured on songs such as ‘Movin Around‘ and ‘Ready Rock‘ with Mobbin101. G.Carter now gives Hip Hop TXL a formal introduction to his origin, influences and music.

Where are you from and how was it growing up there? Upbringing?

East Menlo Park,CA born & raised which is across the light from East Palo Alto,CA. It was bitter sweet. I remember when EPA and Menlo were highly populated by black people; our own people. Black excellence was was on full display. The Crack epidemic and gentrification changed everything.

What first got you into music?

I come from a musically inclined family. My Dad played the drums, and my Mom was a singer. Our household was full of instruments. My siblings caught the musical bug as well. Music had always been a major outlet for me.

Who and/or what inspired you to get into Hip Hop/ Music Industry? What artists are you inspired by?

Chunk and Ad Kapone put me in the studio first. I’ll always appreciate that. I was always amazed by Chunk’s creativity. Growing up, I was a Totally Insane fan so when Ad Kapone called it was a no brainer. We would slap that 24/7. Some of my musical influences include C-BO (AWOL/West Coast Mafia), N.W.A (specifically Eazy E and Ice Cube), Tupac Shakur, Scarface and Method Man.

How would you describe the sound of your music?

Full fledge Gangster Shit! “Grimey fresh” RIP T WOODS S/O Big Block and all of San Francisco.

What is your creative process?

It varies. Depends on what mood I’m in to begin with. Once I roll up it’s on. Every blue moon I’ll need to hear the beat a few times before I write.

What are your views on the direction Hip Hop is going now?

It is watered down. I truly focus East Menlo Park & East Palo Alto ,CA. Things have changed drastically over the years.

In five years, where do you foresee your career being? What are your goals with your music?

Ghostwriting, Sync licensing, and doing my part to make sure G. Carter1300 of Exotic Mob Music,LLC is prosperous.

What is a message you would give to a younger or new up and coming artist?

Hard work pays off. You only shine when you grind! Make sure you MOBBIN!

What is your favorite part of your performances and how do you keep the crowd engaged in your music?

Just seeing the crown nod their head or rap along is an incredible feeling.

Any new releases or shows on the way?

I’ll drop a solo project soon. Me and Mobbin101 have Blood Ties on the way.

Top 5 New School Artist?

Mobbin101, Bunk Ladden, Young Buff, Nipsey Hussle, Rod Wave

What do you feel is holding the Bay Area music scene back and why? How can we improve?

The lack of unity. Back in the day all the cities used to rock with each other.

Thoughts on Bay Area Media Outlets?

They need to go every Bay Area city.

How has music changed for you since entering the industry? Compare it to your time with Exotic Mob Music,LLC.

It’s a family favorite thing. More clarity, high quality.

Any other Artists out there catching your eye?

My lil cousin Mobbin101, Shill Macc

Any collaborations you hope to obtain.

I’m willing to work with anybody who is about what I’m about or who has genuine intentions.

Snitching seems to be tolerated in today‘s industry, whats your opinion?

Im from the old school. I understand times have changed and alot of people are with that. I can’t mix my brand or my name with that though. I really live by the code.

Tell the people where they can find you.

Be sure to lock in with G.Carter1300 on Instagram and peep him in the rotation on Hip Hop TXL’s latest mixtapes and playlist. Peep his latest verse on Ad Kapone’s project The St. Valentines Day Massacre below.

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