Future Super Star Alysę Nicholę Drops “SuperFly”

Alysę Nicholę is an up and coming artist from Los Angeles California who has been musically intertwined since second grade when she sang a song about kittens for her class. Alyse has been performing ever since and uses music as her therapy and a way to send a message about who and what she stands for. “SuperFly” shows that Alysę Nicholę is able to be versatile as an artist, demonstrating cross over potential, a catchy pop-sounding hook combined with hard hitting bars in each verse.

Alysę Nicholę is determined to reach the top of the industry and promotes herself through instagram and Tik Tok, utilizing the audio feature to create clever dubbed skits to captivate her fan base. Her fun and light hearted style perfectly compliments her music and makes her an artist to keep your eye on in 2022. Stream SuperFly and fall in love with the next star coming out of Los Angeles!

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