ArizonaMarty’s Lyric Video for “A to Z” Shows the Depth of his Creativity

ArizonaMarty is a rising star coming out of Atlanta who shows off his creativity in every piece of his roll out. From his unique graphics to his Tik Toks, ArizonaMarty has been able to utilize a variety of unique elements to build a story around the release of his latest project “Human Element”.

Human Element is a 3 track EP that takes the listener through the mind and emotions of ArizonaMarty. The lyric depth of the project is in its own category and combined with his flow and musicality creates an enjoyable introduction to ArizonaMarty as an Artist. The “A to Z” lyric video allows listeners to fully grasp the concepts within the thickly layers bars within the song. Being able to see the visual symbols coupled with the words brings “A to Z” to life and adds another dimension to the project.

Watch “A to Z” below!

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