40E-D is a unique and talented artist. His versatility and fearlessness as a creative sets him apart from the up and coming competition. With a variety of styles, a solid team of artist who he constantly collaborates with, 40E-D combines creative with community in his records. One of my favorites by 40E-D is No Time/Lights Off which features Kingly Fly:

This video celebrates 40E-D’s freedom and mentions his recent incarceration. The song is catchy and also showcases his lyrical ability. 40E-D represents a new wave of artists coming out of Chicago. One of my favorite things about 40E-D as an artist is that he is constantly collaborating with different artists. Another one of his video is “No Bond” which shows a completely different style than No Time. This video features another artist named Chabu:

This song has Kendrick Lamar vibes and is another single that showcases 40E-D’s lyrical skill. It has a calm laid-back sound and is a song that is definitely worth a repeat listen. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this independent artist.

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