“Demons” by StaySolidRocky

StaySolidRocky continues to rise with his new single “Demons”. “Demons” highlights StaySolidRocky’s unique style and creative abilities. No only can Rocky use his flow to create hits that are addictive to listen to, he’s also able to paint an emotional story with his lyrics. His first hit :”Party Girl” has reached over 10 million streams across all platform. “Demons” is a contrasting record to his original single showing another side of the young artist and his ability to tackle more serious subject matters while still entertaining his fans.

“Demons” has a fast paced flow and takes on the theme of spirituality and the battle between good and evil. StaySolidRocky continues to prove that he is much more than a one hit wonder. He is here to stay and has a unique sound and style that cannot be easily imitated or replaced.

Stream “Demons” below:

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