Curren$y and Harry Fraud Bring a Twist to Classic Hip Hop on “1 LUV”

“1 LUV” is the latest track produced by Harry Fraud with living legend Curren$y. Curren$y has solidified his status as a King of underground rap and continues to spread encouragement and motivation to independent artists everywhere. The video for “1 LUV” perfectly shows the journey of Curren$y’s career. Half of the video shows him outside in plain clothes with a tape recorder next to old school impalas. The other scenes show Curren$y with a big chain and designer clothes inside a Rolls Royce.

The song and the video both highlight Curren$y’s ability to make sure he remains himself at all cost and despite the change in his surrounding. Harry Fraud creates a beautiful vibe that combines an old school hip hop sound with new elements that keep the listener’s attention. The video is the perfect visual to complement the track.

Watch “1 LUV” below.

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