//Dr. Dre Reminisce about ‘2001’

Dr. Dre Reminisce about ‘2001’

This weekend Dr. Dre celebrated the 20th anniversary of his sophomore album 2001. On Saturday, Beats 1 published an interview with Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine where they discuss 2001 and the current state of hip-hop.

The two music moguls looked back on Dre’s second LP. They talk about the inspiration and process of making a timeless classic.

Dr. Dre then goes on to give his opinion on hip-hop today. “Right now, I have to really, really search hard to find something I like, as far as hip-hop goes,” he says. “I think it’s just about the substance. Now it feels like it’s a little more quantity over quality. ‘Made a song last night, I need to put it out tomorrow.'”

Dre thinks that artists have changed their outlook on the craft and advises, “What are you gonna dedicate yourself to, the art or the money? You know, it’s that simple.”